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Recycled Paper
  • Writer's pictureHumaira Kapadia

"Getting Away with Patriarchy"

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

First, tell your daughter to do all the

dishes she scrubs, watch her dreams being washed away, soapy and smeary

crushed, under the eyes of indifferent


Second, prepare your daughter for her

wedding discuss her entourage and bridal outfits

she tries them on, watch her education

being discarded, blood-red and


crushed, under the weight of an

unknown groom

Third, ask your daughter to stay quiet

when the family discusses finances

she bites her lip, feeling silly and meek

for spending hours studying bitcoin

crushed, under the opinions of older


Fourth-finally, tell your son to be strong

and manly, what does manly even


he stifles his emotions, firm and resilient

spending eons eclipsing his tears

crushed, under a facade of toxic


don’t ask, don’t tell no pain, no complaint no crime perpetrated

this is how you effectively get away with patriarchy.

Published in I’m Looking, Humaira Kapadia.


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